Weighing In with Kevin Thompson

Weighing In, A new weekly concept show on Zinc Media Arts. Kevin takes a look at the weekly news highlights from the perspective of a regular everyday man in America. Kev is a 26 year veteran of law enforcement, a military veteran still finishing of his 22nd year in the Alabama National Guard. Prior to law enforcement, Kev has held many positions. He is also co-host of “Hebrews Café” on Zinc Media, a 9-year veteran of radio. An average guy himself.

       Using a conservative, common sense approach Kev hopes to bring you a no-nonsense, raw view of the modern-day shenanigans, lies and cover-ups in today’s news. A show the average man can understand and enjoy. With the occasional guests, appearances by Zinc Media Family members, Kev breaks it all down. Give us a listen and let us know what you think.