ZMA Radio was born during the early days of Social Media, Network News and Internet censorship of Right Of Center ideology. The thought of conservative ideas being silenced on such platforms was the signal that a new and powerful platform would be perfect to fill the ever expanding void.

Rodney Eccles thought of the idea to expand his existing Podcast and Radio Show Production firm, Zinc Media Network, into the realm of broadcasting. As his radio show and podcast grew he needed to more accurate with the company name. Thus he renamed ZMN to ZMA to better reflect all the work being done. He quickly garnered on air talent which lead to even more on air and off air talent to help begin filling out the radio’s schedule.

Today the format of ZMA Radio is mixed with both talk (live and recorded) and music. All of which is geared to not only entertain but to fully inform the listener. Rod has learned that an ignorant population is easy to manipulate and control. But an informed and educated population keeps politicians in check and authoritarians on the fringes of society, where they belong.

ZMA Radio is an idea who time has come. Zinc Media Arts and its affiliates encourage others to take up the mantle, start a radio or video show that aims to tell the truth, the whole truth and to fully inform the public. The airwaves, the Internet and even Social Media do not belong to the elite. They belong to everyone.

ZMA Radio and Zinc Media Arts is proud to bring you this station and we will always strive to fully inform as well as thoroughly entertain. Thus INFOTAINMENT.

We hope you enjoy and share.